New Year’s Eve is Slithering In

Tomorrow night will be “the night” for big celebrations and many anticipations of “a better year” for others.

Some want to see the year end because of sadness and they long for the hope of a brighter future. Others want to welcome in the New Year with the expectation of additional joys to come.

Regardless which group you are part of the anticipation of moving forward in search of joy remains with all of us.

Happy New Year to everyone and make you have peace and love in your life.

What’s More Magical than a Christmas Tree

Ever since I was a child the Christmas tree has appeared magical to me. When I was young we had large bubbling lights that looked like candles. Then we went to the small oval type old fashion Christmas bulbs which I still use to decorate my tree.We hang small trinkets that were attached to presents over the years, i.e. a basketball for one young son, an ornament that says broken leg for the year my mother broke her leg, etc.

 Of course, only an angel will do for the top of the tree.

 Now my grandsons enjoy these memories with us.

Counting Down the Days – Christmas Magic

When I was 10 years old and on the cusp of finding out about Santa, I had a Christmas that I will never forget. That year my father told my sister and me that he had something special planned and that he was going to put our Christmas tree up on Christmas Eve after wehad gone to bed. Although that was a disappointment I still wanted to badly to believe in Santa.

When we awoke on Christmas day, we ran into the living room to see our gifts and the tree. There in our living room stood the most beautiful I have ever seen! Our Christmas tree was white. My father had spent days down in the basement spray painting that green fir tree.

That tree was the talk of the neighborhood and by far my best Christmas ever.

Hence, the children’s story with additions and omissions: “The Silver Tree” was written by me. You can read it to your children at (click stories, stories under parenting, and silver tree).

This heartfelt story displays the magic of Christmas.

For Those of You Who are Planning on Publishing a Poetry Book

For you poets who plan on publishing a chapbook or a poetry book don’t forget that I’ve taken many photographs that have been on the covers and included in both ezines and print magazines. (Refer to my page of “chapbook review” and you can see one of my photos.)

If you’re looking for a specific color or black and white digital photo let me know and perhaps we can reach an arrangement.

We can decide on a price and you can “use” my photo for the cover of your book.