Up the River Journal Is Now Available on Amazon

Up the River a journal of poems and photography is now available for $9.00 at Amazon.com.It is a collection of wonderful poems and photography and is a first issue.

I’m happy to announce that I have four photographs included in this lovely print magazine. You can see a review of some of the poetry work on Amazon.

If you go to books and type in my name you will find an image of the magazine.

My Photo Acceptances are Starting to Increase

 Hearth Magazine just emailed me that they want to use a photographic essay of mine entitled “A Photo for Every Story” for the online October issue. It is  about houses, cars, and property that is no longer worthwhile to anyone.

They are a great magazine of photos, recipes and short stories.

I’m not sure if they have a print magazine or not but I know that they’re working on one.  Will supply the link, when available.

Just Received an Update on the Collection of Children’s Short Stories

The publisher, Alfie Dog Limited, just emailed that the title has been changed to “Read it Again” since not all the stories  in the book will be about Christmas. My story is “Carla the Little Red Hen” (not a Christmas story).

There are only 20 authors included in this ebook and paperback. Naturally I am thrilled to be one of the authors. The ebook will sell at Alfie Dog website, Amazon, and Smashwords. I hope that you will take advantage of this book. Obviously, the cost is minimal.   I will notify you when the paperback version is available and where to purchase it. I’ve seen  a draft of the cover and it’s very enticing.

Collection of Christmas Stories

I just received an email from Alfie Dog Limited (publishers who have several of my children’s stories to download) that they will include my story “Carla the Little Red Hen” in a Christmas collection of stories that will be available on November 18th in an ebook or paperback.

I will post all the info when available and I hope those of you with young children will take advantage of the small cost and purchase a book for your children.