Listen to my Smories Story

My children’s story “What No One Else Knew” is now up on the Smories website.

Please listen to it and mention it to everyone who has children. The story that’s listened to the most gets the cash prize.

You can find it as http// I will put the link in.

Happy Memorial Day

It Means Much More

A banner often slighted

as it blows in the breeze

taken for granted

and pledged in the line of duty;

it isn’t just a symbol for



and a nation proud and strong,

it means much more to me.

It’s the loss of a brother,

a soldier to the end.

Letters from him

said he didn’t understand

but he fought for his country

in a foreign land;

others turned

and blamed the nation,

he struggled for freedom

and for peace.

The flag isn’t just a symbol

it means much more to me.

Published in Boston Literary Magazine Summer 2009 (Archives)

Pre-Book Sales Count

For those of you who are waiting for August, I would certainly appreciate your support in ordering a copy of my poetry book now. The run is based on the number of books that I sell. You can place your order at and look for new releases. If your skeptical about online ordering you can order directly from the publisher (address on the website). A preview of one of my poems from  the book.

The Photograph

A tall man with a prominent nose

stares from the photo,

his children and loving wife

gather by his side.

The man will not break

the chain that ties him to his family.

He continues to live his lie.

If the photo glass shatters

perhaps the hurt will be

erased from his face

leaving a captivating smile;

truth will become a reality

allowing the man in the photo

to recognize himself.