WWW.BetterPhoto.com Selected My Photo

My photo Red Roses is going on to the second round for the month of May.

This website is particular on what it chooses so I’m happy to be included in the Editor’s Pick for the second round.

Here is the photo they selected.


New E-Publishing Story Website from UK

A new e-publisher, Alfie Dog Limited, (www.alfiedog.com) from the Uk is now an up and running website. There are many categories of stories for everyone.

I have three children’s stories ready to be downloaded: Carla the Little Red Hen, Mr. Sandman to the Rescue, & The Cat in the Castle.

You can download to Kindle or pdf and pay by Paypal.

If you do download one of my stories, please comment and let me know what you think.

E-publishing is the future.