Friday Flash Fiction Published My Less than 100 Word Story

My flash fiction “A Stranger” was published by Friday Fiction (

Arrow down the pages (7th story) and you will find my name and story.

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Halloween is Coming!!

For those of you who have young children or grandchildren why not read my Halloween story “Stingy Jack and the Jack O’ Lantern”.

Not only will your kids find it interesting but they will learn who Stingy Jack was.

You may find it on under the above title.

If you or someone else reads it don’t forget to rate it and leave a comment.dsc_0350-copy

I Have Been Published in Japan

My story “The Silver Tree” has been published in this Japanese workbook for children. Along with my story, it has essays and nonfiction. At the end of each reading questions DSC_1373 - Copyare asked of the children. The purpose of this book is to teach Japanese children to learn English. I am proud to have been included in this workbook

Christmas Story

For those of you with young children or grandchildren I think you’ll enjoy reading my latest published story for kids “The Silver Tree”. It’s actually based on a true event in my life.

Use the link and type in The Silver Tree and you’ll be able to see the story. They also have many other Christmas stories.

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Halloween is Approaching Quickly

Soon the day for goblins and ghosts will be here. Both children and adults will rush to select their costumes for this special day.

Whether you go trick or treating or to a Halloween party it’s sure to be lots of fun.

For those of you with small children or grandchildren remember to read my children’s story about Stingy Jack. It’s informative as well as entertaining. You will also find many other kids short stories at the site.

Autumn is Here
Autumn is Here

“Stingy Jack and the Jack O’Lantern”

My children’s Halloween story “Stingy Jack and the Jack O’Lantern” has a photo of my grandson Marc and the story was written about a young boy, Dylan with the name of another grandson. Now I have to write a story for my third grandson, Ryan. I would appreciate it if those of you with young children or grandchildren would introduce the website to them. After reading the story perhaps you might be interested in rating it. The link is:

Short Kid Stories has many interesting stories for kids of all ages.

I’m Now On Facebook!!!

It took me a long time to make the transition to Facebook but I’ve finally done it. I’m now part of the social media.

I’m gathering old friends and hopefully making some new ones. It’s a great way to reach out to people. I also have an author’s page where people can go to see my recent work.

I’ve met some other poets and writers and it’s fun to read their posts and see some of there work.

See you there…..