Kid’s Imagination Train

I just received an acceptance to Kid’s Imagination Train an online children’s  ezine for a nonfiction article on the luna moth.

I was asked to see if I could write the article with five bibliography and at least one expert opinion.

It was quite a task and I am pleased that it was accepted. I will provide the link when it’s published.

Book Cover Photo Is Available

Book CoverFor those of you who would like to see a preview of the cover for the children’s  book “Read It Aloud” I have posted here.

There are 20 stories for children of all ages. My story is “Carla the Little Red Hen”.

I hope to have copies of the book for sale on my blog but you can purchase the book from Alfie Dog publishers in England or from after the 18th of this month.

It’s available for downloading or paperback.

Local Author Global Book of Children’s Short Stories

Just received the following press release for one of my  stories which is in a collection of children’s short stories. The publisher is from Great Britain but the authors are from around the world.

‘Read It Again’ is a collection of twenty stories for children from Alfie Dog Fiction. The collection brings together some of the best short stories from 20 authors across the globe including local author Pat St. Pierre.

‘Read It Again’ contains stories for children of different ages, making it an ideal book to keep handy to keep visitors entertained during the festive season. Some of the stories span a wide age bracket while others are specifically geared towards either a younger or older audience. From pirates to pixies, missions to Mars to Christmas stories this collection is worth keeping on every bookshelf. Alfie Dog Fiction’s managing director, Rosemary Kind, says, “Our children’s stories are always popular and this collection will keep the adults amused as well as the children.”

The collection has an international flavor, not only through the spread of the writers but the fascinating backdrops to the stories.
Alfie Dog Fiction specializes in publishing short stories for download as well as in book form, and has over 1,200 stories on its website, in multiple formats to suit most readers.

Pat St. Pierre who lives in Wilton has three stories with and has had stories published in US Kids, Our Little Friend, The Kids Ark, Fandangle, Smories, Stories That Lift, My Light and other magazines.

Both collections will be available as download and in paperback from 18th November with the download priced from just from for $2.99.

Notes for Editors
Alfie Dog Fiction is the trading name of Alfie Dog Limited, a UK registered company publishing books and short stories. The website carries over 1,200 stories from 300 authors around the globe, with more than 20 countries represented. Unlike most epublishing companies Alfie Dog is editorial led to ensure the high quality of the work available to the reader.