3 Days of Normal – Movie Screening in Washington New Hamphsire

Tonight is a big night for the town of Washington, NH. There will be an outdoors movie, “3 Days of Normal” which was filmed in Washington in the fall of 2010.

This small town of less than 1000 people will gather on the green with their chairs and mosquito repellant to view this movie reminiscent of the dated drive-in theaters.

Some locals will be included in the movie and you may see it in theaters soon.

Of course, I will be there at 8:00 p.m. with my fellow neighbors anxiously awaiting the movie. If possible there will be photos of this great event.


The Crickets Are Chirping But the Days Are Getting Shorter

Very slowly summer is coming to an end.

The sounds of summer are still loud and clear but darkness is setting in sooner.

There’s still time to go the the lake and beach on weekends.

This photo was taken recently of summer coming to an end.

Stories Your Children Might Like and They’re Free!!

If you go to their website (www.storiesthatlift.com)  and click on story library,  you will see a list of categories. There are many stories under each category.

Two of my stories are under the heading “Parenting”. One is a Christmas story based on a true happening in my family: The Silver Tree.

The other is “No More Peanut Butter in the Jelly Jar“.

Stories are free and can be read by parents or older children.

Check them out!


Summer is Winding Down

New England has such beautiful views for all the seasons.

I took this picturesque scene from our deck in New Hampshire.

Summer is slowly coming to an end.


Part of the Flume

      The Flume is fantastic. A 2 mile walk but well worth the effort.

When visiting the White Mountains, don’t miss this attraction….


Breathtaking White Mountains


Breathtaking views and wonderful photos.

Went on tram to Canon Mt. and Clark’s Trading Post. Also visited the Flume.

Wonderful for both kids and aduls. Will post photo soon.


Another Photo Wins Editor’s Pick

A photo of my young grandson wearing a helmet and sitting on a snowmobile won Editor’s pick. It was taking in the summer months and he said he was “waiting for the snow”.  Hence the title “Wating for the Snow”.

You can find the photo at www.betterphoto.com under Pat St. Pierre Photo Gallery.