Poetry Book Review

Not As It Seems ~ Pat St. Pierre Review ~ Robert Allen

The first thing I noticed about Pat St. Pierre’s poetry book Not As It Seems is that it is attractive at the outset; it is a nicely produced chapbook.

 As I read, I was aware that the natural world and its doings were a major theme of St. Pierre’s poetry. Frequently in her poems animals and plants and weather appear, with topics reminiscent of Mary Oliver and Wendell Berry.

The author has a gift for emotionally-charged poems. In “Loneliness of the Heart” we are given this: “The magnetically charged air / causes you to uncover the pain” and, in “Memories of You,” we read, “The happy times existed / but your rage erased / all the good and created only fear. These poems give a sense of something sad, something longing.

 Many of her poems use nature as a guide for imagery and theme. Especially moving is “The Seasons of Love*,” where we read, “It was in the autumn that we fell in love / the trees were an impressive array of colors.” In “Icy Day”, we see “branches from trees / sparkle like crystals.”

 We also read about owls, turkeys, squirrels, and other assorted birds. We find snow, flowers, rain, lakes, bark, and the months appear and disappear in these poems, guiding the reader through the seasons, whether they represent sadness, or joy. Nature’s workings are changeable, and St. Pierre seems to catch an image the moment as it shines, or moves to darker themes. In “Weekenders,” she writes: “Summer residents illuminate the lake/emitting a warning to nature.”

 As in real life as in these poems, nature always wins, and the heart gets broken sometimes.

*“Seasons of Love” has been published in Issue IV of Kitchen Sink Magazine.


Pangolin Review Will Publish My Poem

I just received word that Pangolin Review will publish my poem “Waiting” in April. They’e a great little magazine that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. When it’s published I will submit the website and you can read it and leave a comment, if you wish. My fourth poetry chapbook “Not As It Seems” will be published in November and I will keep you updated as to when you can purchase a copy.

Poetry Chapbook Accepted

I am thrilled to announce that Kelsay Books has accepted my poetry manuscript “Not As it Seems” to publish. Thank you to Karen of Kelsay Books for the acceptance. The contract has already been signed and I’m just waiting for a pubication date. The book will be for sale on Amazon. I will keep my readers updated.