“Stingy Jack and the Jack O’Lantern”

My children’s Halloween story “Stingy Jack and the Jack O’Lantern” has a photo of my grandson Marc and the story was written about a young boy, Dylan with the name of another grandson. Now I have to write a story for my third grandson, Ryan. I would appreciate it if those of you with young children or grandchildren would introduce the website to them. After reading the story perhaps you might be interested in rating it. The link is:  http://www.shortkidstories.com/story/stingy-jack-and-the-jack-olantern/

Short Kid Stories has many interesting stories for kids of all ages.

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The Indiana Voice Journal

Acceptances have been few and far this 2015 for me. But I’m happy to tell my blog readers that persistence pays off. I sent a short story to the above mentioned journal and I was too late for the current issue but they invited me to submit some poetry for the November issue. I immediately responded and an acceptance followed along with a request for a photo to accompany the poem. The poem is titled “The Rainbow” and I just happened to have taken a photo of a double rainbow which I submitted. Both were accepted for the November issue. I will give the link when published but check out the journal:  http://www.indianavoicejournal.com/

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Dear Nana Book

My memoir of my grandmother was just published in the “Dear Nana” book. There are 39 other authors besides DSC_1084-001myself included in this “must read” book. Why I refer to it as that is because it is a fantastic tribute to all grandmothers no matter what there title is. Grandchildren that have had such special grandmothers are indeed very fortunate. Many of us have passed down experiences that we have learned from these special ladies. The book is for sale at Amazon.com.

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2016 Poety Acceptance

My poem “Magical Creatures” has been accepted for publication at Westward Quarterly for the 2016 Winter Issue.

I’m thrilled to be included in the print magazine. I will let my readers know when the issue is available. Individual issues are sold for $3.00.

In the meantime you can review the info at http://www.wwquarterly.com.

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Check out the July Issue of Front Porch Review

My photo “Bee Still” is included in the online ezine of Front Porch Review: http://www.frontporchrvw.com.

Click on my name and you can read my bio.

The photo was taken in New Hampshire.

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Check Out My Photo “Steam” on Sediments

My photo is now published on Sediments Literary Review. I’ve waited a year to see it in print.

Check out the magazine – I’m sure that you’ll like it.

Link:   http://sedimentslit.com/

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Dear Nana Book Published

I am one of the lucky forty writers who has had their Nana/Grandmother essay published in the “Nana” book. An ebook and a print book are both for sale on Amazon.com and it has already received one review of five stars.

Here is a little summary from the editor “Dear Nana: Grandmother Tales of Love, Secrets and Going Home is a collection of 40 unusual, true life stories from writers around the world about an incomparable relationship.”

There are 143 pages and well worth the read. Check it out!!

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