Exciting News for Me

I just found out that a photo I had submitted in January which just selected to be on the cover of Touch A Journal of Healing. It is a print magazine that will be for sale on their website and on Amazon.com. It has poems and fiction along with photos and I will supply the link when it’s available.

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Another of My Photos Has Been Accepted

The Front Porch Review has accepted called “Nesting” to be in their fall issue.

You can check out the magazine at: www.frontporchrvw.com.

I will let my readers know when the photo is published.

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My Newest Poem Has Been Published

You can read my latest poem “A Man and His Wife” which was just published online in Flash Friday Fiction/Poetry.

You can also leave a comment.

Here’s is the link: http://www.flashfridayfiction.com/poetry

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I Have Been Published in Japan

My story “The Silver Tree” has been published in this Japanese workbook for children. Along with my story, it has essays and nonfiction. At the end of each reading questions DSC_1373 - Copyare asked of the children. The purpose of this book is to teach Japanese children to learn English. I am proud to have been included in this workbook

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Here’s Some Exciting News For Me

I just received an email from a publisher from Mauritius (an island in the Indian Ocean) that wants to publish one of my children’s short stories “A Silver Metal”. This story will be published in a text book for children 10 through 14 who are learning English. If any of you are familiar with this island is has a multicultural ethnic background where many speak French but the Government speaks English. It has ideal weather and it has wonderful beaches which makes it a tourist paradise.

I am thrilled and honored that they have selected my story for inclusion into their textbooks.

Summary of story:

“Well,” began Kevin, “it’s just that I’m not very good at anything.”  “Cheer up, son,” his dad told him as he patted him on the back. “You know about Albert Einstein. No one knew that he was special for a long time. George Bernard Shaw, the playwright, was an average student but he became very famous. Kevin, all children are special.”



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Fredericksburg Literary and Art Review

This is a very attractive magazine for poems, fiction, nonfiction, and art.

Their Spring issue in May will include a photo of mine.

When  it becomes available, I will post the link.

I hope you’ll check it out.

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“Clarence the Cricket” – Story of the Week

My children’s short story “Clarence the Cricket” has been selected as Editor’s Choice story of the week at http://alfiedog.com/fiction/editors-choice/. It may be downloaded for a reduced price.

I believe it will reached the heart’s young children who are fighting an illness.Freddie was a very young boy who had a serious illness. He had to spend many days by himself. He had no one to play with so he invented an imaginary friend, Clarence, after he actually found a  real cricket. Clarence was the young who help guide Freddie as he covered.

The drawing of Clarence was done by my grandson, Marc.

I’m sure that your children will enjoy the story.



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