My Short Story

I’m proud to announce that the Pupkewitz Foundation has selected my children’s short story “No More Peanut Butter in the Jelly Jar” along with 13 other authors out of at least 180 stories to be made into a digital audio book for underprivileged children in Namibia. In this school area the children from 2nd to 12th grades lack English and there aren’t any school or town libraries. They are barely able to move from grade to grade. You may read my short story on

Friday Flash Fiction 100 Word Story

My 100 word story was published last Friday on Friday Flash Fiction. It’s about 12 stories down from the top. Each Friday  a new group of stories is published. Check it out: My story is “Don’ Prejudge the Worth of Someone on Outward Appearance”.

My 1st Chapbook

If you like my poetry on this site I still have a few chapbooks left. The book “Reality of Life” was published by Springfed Chapbook Series. A poem follows:     

                                                Lost Identity

As night fills the February sky,

I watch a woman

packing items in a bag.

Tattered clothes

 on a stooped body




No More Peanut Butter in the Jelly Jar

Treat your children or grandchildren to a cute little story about Peter John.

Peter John tries so hard to put his jacket on the right way and his shoes also but he never seems to do anything right because he’s young. He admires his brother and tries so hard to copy him.

You may find my story and many others on Give the website a try and read my story along with others.