Recent Publications

My writing background in quite diverse.

I love to write for both adults and children. I have published poetry, fiction, and nonfiction  in a variety of places. The muse doesn’t confine me to one genre. I don’t know if that’s good or bad but  I know when the words flow they find a home.

I also have taken on the title of amateur photographer. I have had numerous photos published in online journals and on covers of print magazines. Online photos include Front Porch Review, The Shine Journal, Our Day’s Encounter, Flutter, The Camel Saloon, Ramshackle Review, Decades Review, etc.

Recently many of my photos have made print magazines and those lovely gems are for sale by the publisher. I am most proud of my photos in Mountain Tales Press. One issue includes a photographic essay and the winter issue includes photos.

To my surprise a calendar with three of my photos was produced a while back by Mountain Tales Press.

A few of my publications: Fiction: Fiction 365, A Long Story Short, Daily Love, Joyful, Dew on the Kudzu, One Forty Fiction, etc. Most recently Fifty Short Stories published several of my stories and so did Friday Flash Fiction.

Some of my  acceptances have been  nonfiction articles on luna moths the Fisher cat and slugs for the Kids Imagination Train. All of these nonfiction articles were also published by ProQuest a database for schools and libraries for children’s research.

Another children’s article was published in -Are Great Blue Herons Really Blue, My Light Magazine, The Kids Ark, US Kids, Stories that Lift, also published children’s fiction of mine.

Most recently my photos have been published by Sediments, Gravel, Our Day’s Encounter, etc.

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