Happy Halloween Photo

Here is a

photo that I took to celebrate the season.

Happy Halloween….


Poem from “Theater of Life”

It Means Much More

A banner often slighted

as it blows in the breeze

taken for granted

and pledged in the line of duty;

it isn’t just a symbol for



and a nation proud and strong,

it means much more to me.

It’s the loss of a brother,

a soldier to the end.

Letters from him

said he didn’t understand

but he fought for his country

in a foreign land;

others turned

and blamed the nation,

he struggled for freedom

and for peace.

The flag isn’t just a symbol

it means much more to me.



Wilton, CT Historical Society

Happy to announce to all my Connecticut friends and supporters that the Wilton Historical Society gift shop will now be carrying my poetry book “Theater of Life”.

Stop in to see their lovely gifts.


Autumn in New England

New England Autumn

New England along with many other areas of the US experience painters’ and writers’ joy for creation. Poetry group meetings and reading are plentiful and inspiration is everywhere. Enjoy the season.


Looking for an Agent for a Picture Book

If anyone knows of a children’s book agent who is looking for clients, please let me know.

I am looking for one to represent me for my manuscript “Clarence the Cricket”.

Just leave a comment in the comment line.  Thanks.