Alfie Dog Fiction – A Great Website!

I’ve introduced you to before but I want all my readers to know that it is one fantastic website for a nominal fee!   It is one of the biggest short story download sites on the Internet. They boast over 1600 short stories, from 370 authors around the world that are available for you to download wherever you are.  Stories for children and adults. Try it I’m sure you’ll like it.

I am lucky enough to have 4 stories for children on the website. Why not give one of mine a try. There’s “Carla the Little Red Hen” and “The Cat in the Castle” which I think your children will enjoy.DSC_0686


First Day of Spring and Lots of Snow

Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring but Mother Nature did not cooperate. She proceeded to drop 7 inches of snow on our already snow covered yard.

This morning it is still lightly snowing. Will we see crocuses this Spring? I rather doubt it. The ground still has mounds of snow and April will be here in two weeks.

The animals are in a dire straight as far as food is concerned. The hawks are circling overhead in search of prey. Three houses away from ours a bobcat was photographed walking in the backyard in search of food. We are in a suburban residential Connecticut area and this is highly unusual. Coyotes have been seen scouting many backyards.

Oh, Spring hurry and arrive!!

“The Cat in the Castle” Published by Alfie Dog

Alfie Dog Publications has an unlimited number of short stories to download. If you’re looking for children’s stories you should really check out their site. (www.alfiedog). The cost is minimal to download.

Perhaps your child might like an old fashioned fairy tale. I’ve written one “The Cat in the Castle” which I’m sure your child will love.

Victoria, a princess, was afraid of mice. She was so afraid that she never came out of her bedroom. – See more at: