Guess Who Came to Lunch?

DSC_1718   While sitting at the dining room table today and  working on my computer I looked out the window and saw this magnificent specimen.

He strutted around our front lawn like he owned the area and looked at me as if to say “I belong here.”

He is the largest turkey I’ve seen this Spring.

Five of My Published Photos Are Ready To View

Peacock Journal has published my five photos.

I wrote an artist’s view of both the meaning of internal and external beauty which describes my choice of photos.

I would be interested in comments on my website of what you viewers feel about the photographs. You can leave comments on my website or on the Journal.

If any of you are interested in some of my photos as a note card or to purchase let me know.

First Day of Spring and Lots of Snow

Yesterday was the 1st day of Spring but Mother Nature did not cooperate. She proceeded to drop 7 inches of snow on our already snow covered yard.

This morning it is still lightly snowing. Will we see crocuses this Spring? I rather doubt it. The ground still has mounds of snow and April will be here in two weeks.

The animals are in a dire straight as far as food is concerned. The hawks are circling overhead in search of prey. Three houses away from ours a bobcat was photographed walking in the backyard in search of food. We are in a suburban residential Connecticut area and this is highly unusual. Coyotes have been seen scouting many backyards.

Oh, Spring hurry and arrive!!

Turkeys Are Visiting Our Backyard Every Day

A flock of turkeys are coming to our backyard every day.                                                                                                                             

 In the spring there were about 14 and now there are about 10 or so.They are getting more familiar with people and not scattering away so quickly. We even saw some perched up high in our trees.

Pelican Photo Won Editor’s Pick Under Animals

Another photo of mine is going to the 2nd round of judging for this month.

It’s under the category animals and it’s a pelican sitting on a rock.

It was taken at Port St. Lucie, Fl.

You might be able to find it undercontest,  animal category,  around page 17, and it’s called The Sentinel. The website is

Let me know if you find it.