“Clarence the Cricket” – Story of the Week

My children’s short story “Clarence the Cricket” has been selected as Editor’s Choice story of the week at http://alfiedog.com/fiction/editors-choice/. It may be downloaded for a reduced price.

I believe it will reached the heart’s young children who are fighting an illness.Freddie was a very young boy who had a serious illness. He had to spend many days by himself. He had no one to play with so he invented an imaginary friend, Clarence, after he actually found a  real cricket. Clarence was the young who help guide Freddie as he covered.

The drawing of Clarence was done by my grandson, Marc.

I’m sure that your children will enjoy the story.



New E-Publishing Story Website from UK

A new e-publisher, Alfie Dog Limited, (www.alfiedog.com) from the Uk is now an up and running website. There are many categories of stories for everyone.

I have three children’s stories ready to be downloaded: Carla the Little Red Hen, Mr. Sandman to the Rescue, & The Cat in the Castle.

You can download to Kindle or pdf and pay by Paypal.

If you do download one of my stories, please comment and let me know what you think.

E-publishing is the future.

A Children’s Story of Mine was Accepted by an English Publisher

My children’s short story “Carla, the Little Red Hen” has been accepted by Alfie Dog Limited publishers in England.

It is written for children 5 through 8 and hopefully children will find it a fun story.

It wll be able to be downloaded and read for a small amount of money. Not sure when but will post when available.

Based on the number of downloads I will receive some small royalties.

Will keep everyone posted.