A Sneak Preview of My Poetry Book

st pierre full cover july 28My third poetry book “Full Circle” is in the process of being printed.

I’ve included a photo that I took of the cover and I hope you find it appealing. When it is ready I will post an announcement. It is being published by Kelsay Books and it contains both poems and a few photos. This publisher has a great reputation and I’m honored that she decided to publish mine.

Three Line Poetry Acceptance

They have online issues and they also sell copies of a 50 poem issue on Amazon.

They pay a tiny honorarium for acceptances via Pay Pal.

There are many good poems included in their issues. If you’re a poet why not give them a try.

“Vertical Lines” Can Now Be Viewed

My photo can be seen in the link below :


This was taken on our recent family cruise in April.

Hope you enjoy it.


The Fisher Cat – Acceptance

My children’s article on the Fisher Cat has been accepted for publication by Kid’s Imaginary Train, an online children’s magazine for children ages 6-12..

The Fisher Cat is part of the Weasel family and is a very unique animal. It has recently been seen in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and other areas. It has been said that the screeching noise it makes is shrill and very loud. You Tube has videos of the unusual animal.

Three Line Poetry Submissions

If any of you poets are interested, Three Line Poetry is looking for submissions. They publish the poems online and later on they publish a paperback book which is available on Amazon.com.

The honorarium is very small but it’s nice to get exposure and to see your poem in print.

I’ve had several published by them and they have a nice selection of poems.

Check them out.


My Photo “Vertical Lines” Will Be Published in August

I just heard from Four Ties Lit Review an e-publisher that my colorful photo titled “Vertical Lines will be published in Issue III by August. It will be in a PDF Version  online and eventually on Smashwords.

This is a photo that was taken on our family cruise.

I will post the link when it’s available.


ProQuest Selected My Article on the Luna Moth

My nonfiction children’s article “The Beautiful Luna Moth” which was published by http://www.kidsimaginationtrain.com was selected to be included by the illustrious ProQuest online research company for their K-12 database. They are a subscription research tool used by schools and libraries and they have topics from 90,000 sources. My article will soon be available for all schools and libraries who have access to ProQuest.

I am thrilled that my article was selected as an information piece for students.