Another Acceptance by ProQuest

My children’s nonfiction article “The Annoying Guests” which was published in October by Kids Imagination Train has been re-sold to ProQuest database for an acceptable price.

ProQuest has already published my article on the Luna Moth. They are a K-12 research database for libraries and schools. The database is by subscription only.

I’m happy to say when anyone wants to research slugs they will find my article in the database. My thanks go out to Elson Shields Professor at Cornell for reviewing my article.

Twenty Wild Turkeys Came to Visit

Early this morning we saw twenty turkeys in our front yard.

As they started to cross the road a lone turkey caught up with the others.Turkey Group

There must be some communication between these birds since they all waited in the middle of the road for the straggler. Cars were stopped on both sides waiting for the flock to cross.

Don’t Let the Goblins Get You

Happy Halloween to everyone. Enjoy the youngsters who come to your door. You know that soon winter will be on its way.Halloween

Don’t indulge in too much candy but enjoy the decorations and happy faces of the children.

A Nice Review of My Book “Full Circle”

st pierre full cover july 28Received this write up on Linked from Pamela Tyree Griffin, editor of the Shine Literary Journal.

Pamela, is a wonderful editor and always encourages other writers.

“I’ve written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

As an editor, I am always looking for work that touches the human spirit and enriches the mind. Pat St. Pierre’s work has both of these qualities.

Her work was accepted several times for publication in “The Shine Journal”. In addition to her poetry, Pat also sent her photographs which spoke to me and many of our readers.

She writes lovely poetry and her photography is as “eloquent” as her writing.

It has always been pleasure to work with Pat.”

You can find my book “Full Circle” for sale on






A Large Flock of Turkeys Continue to Visit

Almost every morning we have around 40 large turkeys that come to our backyard to feed. I’m not sure what they’re eating but it seems that they keep getting larger whenever we see them.

Twice now when my screen door was closed several turkeys came pecking at the glass door.

I tried to photograph them but I was only able to get one large turkey to look straight at me. Backyard Turkey

They cross the street in front of our house and then they disappear and return a day or two later.

A Haiku Acceptance

One of my haikus has been published….

I received this email about the new issue of Three Line Poetry.

It’s my great pleasure to inform you that you have been published in Three Line Poetry #28.

Competition for publication in Three Line Poetry has become much tougher over the years, promising that each issues is better than the last. This issue is no different, and showcases many of our favorite poets, and some new poets too.

You can find a free online issue or purchase a book from Prolific Press. Check out the issue it’s really quite good.

Walking Along the Country Path

Beautiful colors at the moment capture New Hampshire’s beauty. We are lucky enough to live part time in a small town tucked away from cities and large malls.

                 The beauty that we see there every autumn is amazing.Country Path