Snow, Snow Everywhere!!

We, in New England, along with the South and other part of the country are experiencing snow and frigid temperatures with  one of the the hardest winters I


can remember in a very long time. The icicles are huge and the gutters are frozen solid. Dripping water is starting to enter into the houses. We expect more snow on Saturday and Tuesday.  At least New Englanders are prepared with snowplows, sand and salt. We can say a pray for early Spring.

If Connecticut Snow Remains We’ll Have a White Christmas

“White Christmas” was heard playing in the background as we decorated our Christmas tree. A blanket of snow is currently covering the ground and the cardinals perched on the bare tree branches bring color to our backyard.

If we’re lucky and the clean white snow remains we, in Connecticut, will have a white Christmas. That doesn’t happen very often anymore.DSC_0217

Our Christmas is celebrated a few days before the 25th because our son (who lives in Maryland) visits with us a few days before.

May everyone find peace, joy, and love throughout this season and through 2014.