My Photo “The Stream” Will Be Published

I have just been informed that my photo “The Stream” will be published in Sediments Literary Arts Journal next July.

It’s a long time to wait but I appreciate all acceptances.

It’s Finally Ready – “Full Circle” is Available

Kelsay Books publisher has done a wonderful job editing. The following link shows their website:

The book sells for $12.00 on Amazon and also on Kelsay Book website listed above, but, if you’re interested, leave a comment and I will sell it somewhat cheaper.

I hope you enjoy the poems and spread the word to your fellow poets.

A Sneak Preview of My Poetry Book

st pierre full cover july 28My third poetry book “Full Circle” is in the process of being printed.

I’ve included a photo that I took of the cover and I hope you find it appealing. When it is ready I will post an announcement. It is being published by Kelsay Books and it contains both poems and a few photos. This publisher has a great reputation and I’m honored that she decided to publish mine.

I Can’t Believe My Luck……

Last night I received an acceptance  from Kelsay Books out of California for my third poetry book. It has a few of my photos in black and white contained in the manuscript. The tentative working title is “Emotional Experiences Create Memories?. I will be for sale in September on the publisher’s website and on The editor/publisher received high reviews for her selection of books so I am quite thrilled to be accepted by her. As you know, so many of us have to self-publish because poetry is not lucrative.  Finding someone to believe and accept your manuscript is a thrill!! Will update as time goes on.