Check Out These Autumn Photos

Poetry Pacific just published four of my photos for their November 2016 issue. I’m proud to be included in this issue since they only publish April and November issues each year. Therefore the competition is tight.

So take a look and see what you think.

Here’s a link to my recent acceptance of photos:


If Connecticut Snow Remains We’ll Have a White Christmas

“White Christmas” was heard playing in the background as we decorated our Christmas tree. A blanket of snow is currently covering the ground and the cardinals perched on the bare tree branches bring color to our backyard.

If we’re lucky and the clean white snow remains we, in Connecticut, will have a white Christmas. That doesn’t happen very often anymore.DSC_0217

Our Christmas is celebrated a few days before the 25th because our son (who lives in Maryland) visits with us a few days before.

May everyone find peace, joy, and love throughout this season and through 2014.

Decades Review Has Just Published A Photo of Mine

I’m thrilled to have this new photo accepted in Decades Review issue 9. (And it’s on the main page, to0.)

I’m working hard at my photography so it’s nice to see some rewards.

Hopefully I can begin to concentrate on my writing. To all of you artists and writers never say never – just keep trying.


Merry Christmas To Everyone

As we celebrate with our families these next few days let us remember those grief stricken families from Newtown,DSC_1104 Ct.

When this festive season arrives, we sometimes think only of ourselves but not others who are suffering.

It’s an unspeakable grief to lose a child of any age, as I well know.

Let us all keep in our hearts the children who are no longer with us and their families.