“Full Circle” Poetry Book is For Sale in Several Places

My poetry book  “Full Circle” can be purchased online for $12.50 from Amazon and Kelsay Books. The cover photo and black and white photos (taken by me) are included with the poems.

If you want to purchase it from me it will be $10.50 including shipping. Leave a message on the blog with your email and I will contact you. Below is a poem from the book.

The Graveyard

Scattered among somber  tombstones;                                                                             Delicate pink geraniums,                                                                                                   Multi-colored tulips and tiny grape wine violets                                                             Sway to music as the wind controls their rhythm.                                                           How comforting to see flowers                                                                                      Dancing happily on the ground.

You may see a writeup for the book at:





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