What is the Matter With Our Country?

My blog is a poetry and photo blog but this week I was so deeply moved that I had to speak out.

I am not a political person but I am questioning “What is the Matter with Our Country?” This past week my husband and I took a few days off from the Connecticut snow and went to Atlantic City for a short stay. Everything was going fine until we arrived on one of the hotel floors by accident. We saw an enormous line of people curved around the entire floor and we thought we’d inquire about  the event .

Well, it was a two day job fair. The fair was held from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for two days. The first day of the Fair the resort casino received 1,300 unemployed people, with resume in hand, waiting to be interviewed. All of these people needed a job! There were only 50 available jobs. The jobs were lower paying  such as casino attendants, valet parking, cashiers, etc. People stated that they wanted to put food on the table or pay their rent. I was so disturbed and moved since I had never seen anything like that…It reminded me of photos from the Depression days. And this was only day 1 of the job fair. Where is our President when he claims low unemployment and an increase in jobs? He should visit New Jersey and see these depressed people who want to work but cannot find employment. So the first day there were 1,300 people waiting for interviews and that doesn’t take into account day 2.

When I went into one of the stores and talked to the sales attendant and told her how upset I was. She told me this story. She had been there for several years and was getting her medical care. Now with Obama care that was no longer possible. The casino gave her some additional money in her pay and told her that she had to buy her own insurance.  She went on to say that now she was making less money than before. The company told her that any new hires wouldn’t  get either health insurance or any money to try to compensate.

So how many people are in this same situation? I’m sure because of our country’s problems there are many people in this same situation.

And this is our America that we have been so proud of!!

Tell our President to get off his duff and see how our countrymen are suffering.

I’m sorry that I had to post this but I guess I was living in a cocoon for quite a while.


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