My Halloween Poem – Noises in the Night Is Published At Ken*Again

 This month that wonderful holiday of Halloween arrives. Every year costumes are more and more elaborate…

You can read my poem “Noises in the Night” at:

Click under poetry and Pat St. Pierre


2 thoughts on “My Halloween Poem – Noises in the Night Is Published At Ken*Again

  1. Thought I’d share this (though I don’t celebrate Halloween). I’ve written a chapter a book that may not see the light of day. The chapter is called, “The Air that I Breathe.” Well, our home was something quite scarey. My mother was born with the caul, and could see things, or know when folks were going to die. Anyhow, one night something woke me. It was full moon. And as I looked at a shadow next to my left, I saw this forearm next to me…it’s hand a claw. I screamed my head off, and my mom came running into the room and switched on the light. “What’s the matter?” “Look!” I said, pointing to the left, unable to look at it again. “Look at what?” she asked. I pointed to the thing next to me. It was my own arm. I must have fallen asleep like that. My arm had gone dead, and the moonlight had cast its shadow.


    1. Thanks for responding to my post.

      A second version of the same poem “Halloween Fear” has now been published by Silver Boomer Books in their “A Quilt of Holidays”.

      Your version would make a great poem or children’s story.

      I’ve always enjoyed Halloween fun, hence the poem.

      Thanks again.


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