My Story “She Needed Money” Received Many Stars

If you go to you will see that my story (title above) that received a high rating.

Check it out.


Download Children’s Stories for Free

If you want to have your children  read some great stories go to and download the stories for free!

You will find many main themes. I have two children’s stories listed under “Parenting”.

One is The Silver Tree (Christmas story) and the other is No More Peanut Butter in the Jelly Jar.

There is a place to rate each story.

Hope you visit the website!!

Download Stories (for everyone) from Alfie Dog Llimited

I want to introduce you to a new website where you can download all genres of stories including children’s stories. You can pay thru Paypal for a very small sum.

The website is

I have three children’s stories there for 5 to 7 year olds. One is a modern day fairy tale. I hope you’ll try the website and also download one of my stories.