My Poem “Peace with the Evening Sun” is Published

You can read my poem “Peace with the Evening Sun” at a Days Encounter.

The link is: click on blog on right-hand side.

Hope you enjoy it!

“Mr. Sandman to the Rescue” Has been Accepted for Downloading

Alfie Dog Limited has accepted my children’s story for publication in May.

The publisher will have two of my stories that can be downloaded for as little as 99 cents.

Hopefully readers will download my children’s stories and enjoy them.

Will send link when available.

A Children’s Story of Mine was Accepted by an English Publisher

My children’s short story “Carla, the Little Red Hen” has been accepted by Alfie Dog Limited publishers in England.

It is written for children 5 through 8 and hopefully children will find it a fun story.

It wll be able to be downloaded and read for a small amount of money. Not sure when but will post when available.

Based on the number of downloads I will receive some small royalties.

Will keep everyone posted.