Review by Former English Teacher (WASmith)

Review of my poetry book “Theater of Life”.
In the 26 poems, Pat describes examples of the drama we players experience on life’s stage, some pleasant, some not. As we look at what others are doing and thinking, we are inspired even when seeing a sailor or soldier losing the battle. For some the cards of life are anything but good, and even love can have led to one’s being “zippered” up by a spouse, then liberated by the person’s absence. A grandmother’s knitting reminds one of the magical warmth of sitting as a child on her mother’s mother’s lap. An elderly person, like the tree’s last leaf, struggles to hang on. Walking along the shore that others have traveled gives one a ray of hope. A shirt on a clothesline reminds one of last night’s erased guilt. A grandmother remembers her joy at having been Annie Oakley-like, then sees her granddaughter with spiked hair, purple and blond streaks, a navel ring, and a cell phone pressed to her ear.  

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